Viet Star Macadamia

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  • Owned by: TBK JSC
  • Distributed by: Kien Thanh SA JSC
  • SKU: 125g & 250g
  • Market Segment: middle-end
  • USP: good quality at a rate of only 5% damaged seeds, reasonable prices, quality is certified ISO 22000: 2005
  • Giá bán: 100,000 VND per 250g box, 200,000 VND per 500g box


Mô tả

Net weight22-25 mm
Nut quantity (per kg)160-180 nuts/ 1 kg
ProcessingRoasting nuts-in-shell in 400ºC -> Cracking the shell -> vacuum -> packing
Attention of process: Not separate kernels from shell; Not include inspection step to remove the poor-quality nuts, accept <100% perfect ratio, ratio of fail nuts: around 7-8%
Packing Speciality+ 500 grams/ box: include 2 packs x 250 grams/ pack; 36-40 nuts/pack
+ 250 grams/ box: include 2 packs x 125 grams/ pack; 18-20 nuts/pack
Other conditions+  Moisture content in storage: 40-45%
+  Temperature in storage: 20-25 ºC
0 out of 5

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