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About TBK

We are well educated and highly skilled team being passionate about creating values for Vietnam’s agriculture. We have diverse expertise and firm network in the relevant areas of interest that best support for the following visions:
(1) To establish a strong portfolio of specialty agro products for Vietnam
(2) To bring a whole new perspective for rural areas where we well understand and have a special connection

Our Team

What People Say

“This is the biggest advance in macadamia NIS marketing the industry has seen in forty years”

Jolyon Burnett
CEO of the Australian Macadamia Society

“Mum, these are the best ever!  I have never tasted macadamia so awesome can I have more please?”

15 years old AUS tourist.

“I have shared the product with many leading figures in the macadamia industry and it has been accorded universal endorsement  for concept and quality. Not one negative response has been recorded”

Brice Kaddatz
Chairman - Australian Macadamia & Horticultural Services