Astar Macadamia Nuts in Shell

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Technology Advantage
– Minimizing impacts on the kernels during production and on the way to our customers: Macadamia kernel contains a high oil ratio (about 80%), then it is very sensitive to sunlight and moisture. The longer kernel contacts to sunlight and moisture, the faster it will go rancid. If there is any physical impact to the kernels, it also either just breaks or lowers the quality of the kernels. So, by keeping the kernel in shell during production and transportation, it can preserve the orginal taste of macadamia nuts.
– Advanced crack opening technique: our machines are developed to create small cracks which will help minimize the contact with air of kernels, minimize humus shell, but are easily separated by included tools.

Processing and Preserving Procedures
– Imported from Queensland, Australia and processed in Vietnam.
– After being harvested, Macadamia nuts will be tested for quality, the best quality qualified nuts will be chosen to import to Vietnam.
– At Vietnam factory, Macadamia nuts will be preserved in the warehouse before being processed at below 25oC. Our macadamia nut production and processing stage is built in a close cycle with tightly testing steps before moving to the stages of choosing size, roasting, cracking, packing, and transporting.

Use: Macadamia nuts can be used for baking, confectionary, salads and milk making or as a snack
Usage: Using a tool included in each box to open nuts.
Open the shell and enjoy the kernel
Attention: Do not use after the expiry date or having strange smell
Elimate the shell before eating.
Keep out of reach of children under 5 years of age
Storage: Keep in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep lid tightly closed

Nutrition information

Macadamia is known as the queen of dry nuts and is considered the best kind of nuts in the world. Macadamia nut nutrition facts include many good elements for human health, especially children and pregnant women like Omega 3, 6, 9, Protein, and minerals, etc. These nuts are considered to be an essential nutritional component in many diets and recipes. These nuts are sweeter and larger than many nuts and can be eaten either raw from the shell, dry roasted or cooked in oil.

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